HF Agro strives to ensure that every farmer, every agrarian can increase their yield without unnecessary efforts and costs. Therefore, the company has developed a new generation of applicators for injecting liquid mineral fertilizers, even more accurate and convenient.  According to the farmers, who have already tested the machinery on their own fields, never before has it been so simple and effective to work with the applicator.

The uniqueness of HF Agro’s approach to development and new products lies in the fact that the complex of the world's best technologies is being transformed to meet the needs of each Ukrainian agrarian personally. This is how a universal, accurate and reliable machinery with convenient functionality and ease of use is being “born” in Ukraine.

The applicators can be mounted on any inter-row cultivator, any row-crop planter (8, 12, 16 or 24-row), grain seeders with a working width of up to 6 m, as well as subsoilers. And all this is regardless of the manufacturers of the agricultural machinery.

It should be noted that HF ​​Agro applicators are easily mounted on the unit without any welding. Moreover, the volume of the applicator tank (from 500 to 3000 L) is suitable for any task.


The customer can choose a complete set with both a conventional fertilizer application rate control system and an automatic one. In the first case, it is a PWM controller in the tractor cab, the required application rate is maintained at a stable travel speed. In the second case, using the built-in GPS sensor, the system independently adjusts the pump load depending on the speed.  Furthermore, in an additional configuration, there is a control of each section with indication on the monitor in the tractor cab, as well as an automatic function of loading the pump regardless of speed.  

HF Agro has a lot of applicator modifications. Thus, for example, for the application of liquid mineral fertilizers in the aisle when feeding crops during the tillering period, the applicator-plant feeder (feeding) HF Agro is intended, which is produced with a tank volume of 5000 L in two modifications: for row spacing of 70 and 45 cm. Due to the high ground clearance, it is possible to work even with high seedlings. For the introduction of anhydrous ammonia, a separate series of applicators has been created, which effectively work in any type of tillage (from ploughing to no-till) and “embed” the fertilizers without losing the active substance. 

The use of HF Agro applicators is the key to successful crop production. Because in addition to ease of maintenance, the most important feature of the applicators' operation is that fertilizers are injected with minimal losses, they quickly penetrate into the soil and are most fully and effectively absorbed by plants. Furthermore, loading and transporting fertilizers does not take much time. This is very important during the period of active crop growth.

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