LEHNER seed drills – economy and maximum efficiency

Farming is a kind of outdoors production with many economic risks and climatic obstacles. As the joke goes: “What are the main obstacles to agriculture? – Spring, summer, autumn and winter”. 

It’s work every day, it’s hard work from morning till night all year round. First the sowing of winter crops, then the sowing of spring crops, then the fertilising and feeding of plants, harvesting, preparing the soil for winter, etc. It is also necessary to sow green manure to improve soil structure and reduce the growth of weeds. Together with tillage (embedding, harrowing, scuffing, chiselling etc.) these are quite a lot of agronomic operations that require time, effort and resources. Considering the constantly rising prices of fuel and fertilisers, even a good harvest may not cover all the farmer’s expenses.

There is a solution to this problem – buying the right machinery that carries out several operations in one pass, e.g. sowing green manure during stubble cultivation, applying fertiliser during sowing or cultivation. By installing seed drills on tillage implements, the farmer saves fuel, time and labour.

Precision, performance and multipurposeness

Now for the “right machinery”. LEHNER precision seed drills made in Germany can be fitted on all machines in the farm. LEHNER produces pneumatic seed drills, vacuum precision seed drills, universal broadcast seed drills and other machines for the needs of every farm. The technology is equipped with a separate 12V drive and works independently from the other drives, whether it’s a cardan shaft or a hydraulic system. This design solution enables two operations to be carried out simultaneously, resulting in a considerable reduction in time and financial costs.

VENTO pneumatic seed drills

The innovative VENTO series of pneumatic seed drills with 12V fan will be a real help. The device is designed for sowing grass seeds, intercrops, green manure, fertilisers and other particular and granular materials. They are perfectly compatible with horse-hoeing seed drills and enable precise application of micro-fertilisers at the same time as sowing. They are also an ideal solution for simultaneous sowing of green manure and spreading of micro-fertiliser. 
Operational advantages include ultra-precise spreading and dosage of materials. The main components – hoses, metering unit and coil set – can be quickly removed without any tools. Dismantling or mounting can be carried out in the field. The maximum spreading width is 12 m. The VENTO is the most productive drill in its class. It can sow cereals up to 120 kg/ha. Imagine how much more efficient it is when other producers previously offered machines with a capacity of 30 kg/ha. The 120, 230, 500 litre tankers are available with a discharge gate. 

SuperVario mini seed drills

The SuperVario mini seed drills are the perfect solution for sowing grass, green manure and spreading micro-fertiliser in random order. The working width is adjustable from 2 to 24 metres. The capacity is up to 40 kg/ha. An optional agitator is available for small seeded grasses and mixtures. There are models with 70, 110 and 170 litre tanks.

The producer also offers the MiniVario drills for grass, intercrops and fertilisers in wine-growing, gardening, hop-growing and vegetable-growing. As well as AgroDos pellet spreaders in potato and beet farming with a high degree of reliability and safety.

Modern control system

All LEHNER seed drills have an advanced control system so that all functions and settings can be set from the tractor cab. Dosing is carried out at different speeds. The tanker is emptied automatically. The machine warns you if the minimum fill level is reached or if a slide gate is not positioned correctly.

In conclusion, the farmer saves material and labour in the purchase of LEHNER seed drills. The soil can be worked, sown and fertilised in a single pass. Fuel consumption is immediately divided by three! Relying on rain is not enough to achieve a good harvest and conserve resources. All you need to do is own a LEHNER seed drill!   

HF Agro is the official representative of LEHNER in Ukraine. HF Agro team is specialised in development and production of modern agricultural machinery, with focus on farmers individual needs and requirements, but also cooperates with leading international companies, acting as their official dealer and representative. The choice of the unique and multipurpose LEHNER seed drills is no accident – they are exactly what our farmers need at the moment!

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