HF Argo: GEKON - disc harrow for efficient stubble cultivation.

The GEKON short disc harrow provides intensive mixing of soil and plant mass to a depth of 15 cm. The design and placement of working bodies provides high-quality pre-sowing treatment, efficient stubble cultivation and stubble peeling. All this contributes to the formation of high-quality soil structure, provides optimal water-air regime.

GEKON guarantees the best mulching of crop residues and prevents the formation of compacted soil layers

This fast and productive harrow will cope with any soil type and provide high-quality and intensive stubble  cultivation. The harrow is equipped with grooved discs for intensive mixing of crop residues. The discs are  mounted on a spring rack, which ensures both the highest quality of tillage and reliable protection of the tools.

A tubular roller of large diameter, which does not have a central axis and is not clogged up, is implemented in the unit. It should be mentioned, that the new product is completely maintenance-free. GEKON has not a single point of lubrication, and farmers save time and money on maintenance.

GEKON has a working width 2.75-6,25 m. The unit intensively mixes the soil and crop residues to a depth of 3 to 15 cm, and operates at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. 

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