HF Argo: GEKON - disc harrow for efficient stubble cultivation

  • The working width of the disc harrow 2.75 - 6,25 m.
  • The machine intensively mixes soil and crop residues to a depth of 3 to 15 cm.
  • The quick and light GEKON operates at a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

GEKON guarantees the best mulching of crop residues and prevents the formation of compacted soil layers



SOLID AND HI-TECH DESIGN: The working elements of GEKON are wear-resistant discs on a spring hanger, which protects the bearing unit and ensures uniform processing, and reduces fuel consumption by reducing traction resistance. 

ROLLER WITHOUT CENTRAL AXIS: The GEKON is equipped with a roller that has no central axle and does not get clogged. This means that over-wetted soil or heavy clogging of the field do not pose a problem for GEKON. Even in extreme conditions, the tool can handle the job with ease.


Due to securely sealed bearing assemblies and high-quality plain bearings used in every hitched connection, GEKON disk harrows do not have any lubrication points. There is no need to purchase lubricants or spend time to maintain the unit. All is needed to start working is only tillage depth adjustment!  


Spring Rack

A spring hanger provides protection of the bearing assembly and smooth tillage. Using it  reduces the traction resistance of the implement (thus saves fuel).


Large-diameter roller without a central pin

500 mm cage roller provides reliable uniform depth of work of the unit even on light soils. Absence of a central pin makes the roller resistant to clogging in the moist soil conditions and extremely contaminated field. 


Easy transportation

Due to the special arrangement of working tools, the unit, with its width of capture, fits into transport width of 3 m without the additional folding of the outermost racks.


Multi-purpose attachment system

The attachment system is adapted to categories 2 and 3 three-point hitch, and is supplied complete with all the necessary components.


Innovative contour following system

The contour following system with centrally suspended working sections evenly distributes weight of the unit along its whole width of capture, thus enabling the even depth of tillage. The use of rubber dampers in the system allows for additional pressure at the edges of the half-frames when following field on uneven sites.

Therefore, not only does the unit follow the field’s contour, it also levels its surface!


Automatic locking of the unit in the transport position

An operator neither need to leave the tractor cab, nor pay attention to locking/unlocking the transport stops during assembly/disassembly of the unit. Unproductive time spent during the operation of the unit is thus reduced. Ðhe possibility of an operator’s error in removing the stoppers and corresponding unit damage is eliminated. 


Disassembly system with hydraulic protection

Availability of additional protective elements in the hydraulic system prohibits an operator from violating the assembly/disassembly sequence of the unit. Therefore, the risk of damage to the unit design due to human factors is reduced. 


Transition to the hinged design

The central frame of the unit is equipped with the integrated adapter for category 3/4N three-point hitch which allows to use the unit in the hinged design, after detaching a hitch frame and a running gear.


Hydraulic adjustment of the hitch frame position

The unit’s horizontal position is adjusted by means of the hydraulic cylinder of a hitch frame with the remote plates built into the frame. The set-up requires minimum time and no significant physical effort. The remote plates can’t be lost in a field and are kept safely in place..






Width of capture, m 2.75 4 5,25 6,25
Power of a tractor, hp 100 130 150 170
Aggregation mounted mounted semi-trailed semi-trailed
Number of disks, pc 22 32 42 50
Disk diameter, мм 568 568 568 568
Number of rollers, pc 1 1 1 1
Number of hydraulic pairs, pc - - 2 2
Weight, kg 1336 1669 3988 4402
Maximum working speed, km/h 20 20 20 20
Depth of cultivation, cm 3-12 3-12 3-15 3-15
Overall dimensions in transport position (length,
width, height), mm
2489х3000х1700 2489x4402x1700 5612x3000x3324 5612x3000x3824

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