HF-243 series toothed-ring roller

The roller is designed for: soil compaction with simultaneous crushing of clods and partial leveling of the field surface; pre-sowing and post-sowing rolling of soil; destruction of soil crust; compaction of the surface layer of soil to a depth of 7-10 cm with simultaneous loosening of the soil to a depth of 4 cm. 

Surface leveling and crushing of clods

CRUSH rollers are designed for surface leveling, crushing of clods and restoration of capillarity of the field. The machine can be used before and after sowing. The work operation carried out in this way provides the opportunity to accelerate germination and improve vegetation.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the minimum number of adjustment and lubrication points, maintenance, adjustment and operation are very simple processes that anyone can handle.

Perfect duplication

The roller sections are hinged together. This means that the rollers copy the unevenness of the field surface well without compromising the levelling result.

You get a level surface where all plants are given the same good conditions.

Universal ring-tooth rollers

The ring for traditional post-tillage, pre-tillage or post-sowing rolling. The large keel-shaped ring acts as a drive and the narrow ring for loosening and self-cleaning ability.

Convenient transportation

The Crawsh has excellent maneuverability both in the field and during transport.
When folded for transportation, the width is less than 3.2 m. In addition, the roller's center of gravity is lowered when folded, making it safer to transport.


Parameter HF-24306 HF-24310
Transport speed, km/h 20 8-12
Working speed, km/h   10 до 12
Working width, m 6,0 10,0
Working depth, mm 60-80  
Number of working bodies (drums), pcs. 3 5
Knife height, mm 120  
Overall dimensions:     
    - in working position (length, width, height), mm 3500  6000  950 3670  10200  1300
   - in transport position (length, width, height), mm 4900  2280  1550 7000  3200  2200
Diameter of working elements (toothed), mm 470  
Diameter of working elements (wedge-shaped), mm 460  
Shaft diameter, mm 70 70
Weight of construction, kg 3000 5500
Shaft weight, kg    
wedge 22,3 22,3
toothed 10,7 10,7
Coupled with tractors, h.p. 80-105 150-180

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