HF-245 Series Chopping Rollers

Our HF-245 Series chopping rollers are an innovative solution for post-harvest tillage of sunflowers, corn and other stubble. This hydraulically powered machine not only chops and shreds crop residue perfectly, but also performs a number of other important tasks, making your field ready for the new farming season.

Advantages of the HF-245 series rollers:

  • Crop residue shredding: Our rollers efficiently shred and distribute crop residue, enriching the soil with organic matter and improving soil structure.
  • Soil mulching: The mulching process helps retard moisture evaporation, regulates surface temperature, and inhibits weed growth.
  • Weatherization protection: The HF-245 also prevents the soil from weathering, ensuring soil stability and preservation.

With the HF-245 series rollers, you get a comprehensive solution to prepare your field for the new season.

CRUSH roller models

The CRUSH roller models are available in 2 different cutting blade arrangements: staggered and linear.

The knives are sharpened on both sides, which gives the possibility to increase the life of the knife and quick replacement.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the minimum number of adjustment and lubrication points, maintenance, adjustment and operation are very simple processes that anyone can handle.

Perfect duplication

The roller sections are hinged together. This means that the rollers copy the unevenness of the field surface well without compromising the levelling result.

You get a level surface where all plants are given the same good conditions.

Knife battery

The knife battery is designed for shredding crop residues after sunflower, maize, stubble, leveling and partial mulching of the field surface.

Drum diameter ∅460 mm

Shaft diameter ∅70 mm.

Placement of knives in staggered or linear order allows shredding plant residues into the smallest possible parts. The drum can be filled with water or grease to increase its weight.


The HF-245 series rollers have excellent maneuverability both in the field and during transportation.

When folded, its width is less than 3.2 meters.

In addition, the roller's center of gravity is lowered when folded, making it safer to transport.





Capacity, ha/h 4,8-7,2 8-12
Working speed, km/h до 12 до 12
Working width , m. 6,0 10
Working depth, mm. 60-80 60-80
Number of working bodies (drums), pcs. 3 5
Knife height, mm. 120 120
Overall dimensions:    
   - in working position, (length x width x height), mm 3800 x 6000 x 1300 3670 x 10200 x 1300
  - in transport position,  5100 x 2300 x 1700 7000 x 3200 x 2200
Diameter of working elements (drums), mm 460 460
Shaft diameter, mm. 70 70
Weight of the construction, kg. 1890 3400-3500
Aggregated with tractors, h.p. 80-105 150-180

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