HF-246 Series Heavy Duty Chopping Rollers

Heavy roller HF-246 series is a chopping and cutting, water-filled, hydroficated roller perfectly performs chopping of crop residues after sunflower, corn, stubble, leveling and partial mulching of the field surface.

The machine performs shredding of crop residues and partial mulching of soil, delays evaporation of moisture, regulates the temperature of the surface layer, restrains the growth of weeds, protects against weathering, enriches the soil with organic matter.

  • Water-filled, hydroficated.
  • Volume of one water filling drum 0.37 m3 (370 l)
  • Capacity of three water filling drums (1110 liters)

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the minimum number of adjustment and lubrication points, maintenance, adjustment and operation are very simple processes that anyone can handle.

Perfect duplication

The roller sections are hinged together. This means that the rollers copy the unevenness of the field surface well without compromising the levelling result.

You get a level surface where all plants are given the same good conditions.

Knife battery

The knife battery is designed for shredding crop residues after sunflower, maize, stubble, leveling and partial mulching of the field surface.

Drum diameter ∅780 mm

Shaft diameter ∅45 mm.

Knives are sharpened on both sides, which gives the opportunity to increase the resource of use of the knife and quick replacement.

Convenient transportation

HF-2466 has excellent maneuverability both in the field and during transportation.
When folded for transportation, it is less than 2.5 m wide.


Параметры HF-2466
Производительность, га/ч  4,8-7,2
Рабочая скорость, км/ч  до 18 
Транспортная скорость,км/ч 25
Ширина захвата, м 6,0
Глибина обработки мм 40-80
Количество рабочих органов (барабанов), шт. 3
Высота ножа, мм. 120
Габаритные размеры:   
  - в рабочем положении (длина, ширина, высота), мм 6630  6300  1300
 - в транспортном положении (длина, ширина, высота), мм 6270  2250   1700
Диаметр рабочих органов (барабанов), мм 780
Диаметр вала, мм 70
Масса конструкции, кг 4400
Количество ножей на барабане, шт 75
Количество ножей (всего): шт 225
Объем одного барабана для заливки воды: л 370
Объем трех барабанов для заливки воды: л 1110
Диаметр оси под подшипник: мм 45
Агрегируется с тракторами, л.с. 150

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