Dry grain loader in polymer sleeves

Grain loading machines are designed for packing forage into flexible three-layer polymer sleeves. Specially developed technology allows to tightly place the flow of raw material through the hopper, the result of the conducted actions will be a fully hermetically sealed formed sleeve. The bag loading is designed to ensure that no voids or wrinkled areas can form.

The grain loader itself is designed to work together with a tractor, to which it can be easily connected thanks to the cardan shaft. Hydraulic brakes provide full control over the degree of filling (density) of the grain mass.

An attractive feature is the many years of trouble-free operation of the loader. This is guaranteed by the manufacturers, who have put high quality parts into this invention.


Of interest is the process itself, which consists in feeding the grain from the storage hopper into the hopper of the loader, then the dry grain is fed into the polymer sleeve by means of a screw.

The grain loader realizes the optimal principle of storage based on hermetic sealing with observance of moisture parameters of the materials required for storage. Acceptable values for cereals are 12%, corn - 14%, soybeans - 12%, sunflower seeds - maximum permissible value -16%.

This technology helps to achieve conditions allowing to store agricultural raw materials up to 1 year. The obtained internal environment is an anaerobic climate with high concentration of carbon dioxide, at which microorganisms, molds, insects die and field pests do not get inside.

Grain auger loader, investment and technological advantages:

Mobility and maneuverability, trouble-free service - these are the quality advantages of the grain bag loader. In addition, it consumes a minimum amount of power and does not require high maintenance costs.

- minimal capital investment
- no construction costs for fixed storage facilities
- avoiding queuing time at the elevator
- storage of grain with high moisture content
- fuel and lubricants saving
- possibility of grain sorting
- transportation costs minimization
- versatility

Brief technical advantages

  • Capacity - 250 tons / hour.
  • Overload protection
  • Reinforced auger 400 mm
  • Possibility to install a receiving hopper for 4.2 m.cube
  • Direct drive from the tractor PTO - the design does not require complex maintenance
  • Hydraulic brakes with hand pump and pressure gauge

The grain loader for polymer sleeves has been developed with experienced users in mind. Now it is easier to work with the sleeves and the equipment is more reliable!


Receiving hopper 2.6 or 4.2 cubic meters
Tunnel diameter 2.7 or 3.0 m
Tractor power 60-80 hp
Length of loading hoses 45, 60, 75, 90 m
Winches for lifting hoses mechanical
PTO shaft included Bondioli & Pavesi
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 3855 х 315 х 2780 mm

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