Grain unloaders from hoses

The main purpose of the machine for unloading grain from the hose is to mechanize the labor-intensive process of unloading bulk fractions, which are stored in polymer bags. It should be noted that the design features of this unit allow to minimize the loss of raw materials during the excavation.

HA Agro grain unloaders unload all types of grain from polymer hoses.

  • They have an extremely high capacity
  • Optionally available for unloading corn (reinforced frame with additional shaft).
  • Hydraulic torsion of the hose during operation
  • No losses when discharging grain from the bag - the bag is emptied completely.

What is the procedure for discharging grain from the polymer sleeve?

In addition to unloading the grain, the simple but very efficient machine cuts the synthetic polymer sleeve, simultaneously winding it onto a specially designed hydraulic drum. The unloading auger easily reloads the cereals into the vehicle. The whole process is fast, with no delays. The high quality hydraulic motor pulls the unloader smoothly at a steady pace in automatic mode.

Advanced technologists have developed a machine for unloading grain from polymer hoses with a rigid, reliable construction, coated with polyurethane paint. With a robust gearbox that performs its work without fail. The speed can be regulated.

Cross augers with improved forms of hardened steel blades collect the mass without residue providing a constant flow of grain into the receiver.
Technical characteristics, for which the equipment of auger type for grain unloading is recognized by farmers - it is economical, lightness, maximum productivity and fast unloading from plastic hoses. The operation process is simple and easy to understand even for inexperienced farmers.

The main advantages of using the sleeve bagging technology:

  • high productivity
  • no need for additional construction of stationary granaries
  • no significant capital investments
  • the use of the system allows to avoid idle time in the queue at the elevator
  • allows storing cereals with different moisture levels
  • forage can be easily sorted
  • 35% savings on storage costs at elevators
  • reduced fuel costs
  • working position can be set in seconds

The unit for extracting grain from sleeves has special mechanical features. It has a special cover to protect the operator, its presence does not prevent the grain flow into the plastic auxiliary hopper, which avoids losses of the incoming flow.


  HF-300 HF-3600
Productivity, t/h 280 280
Working width, m 3,95 3,16
Transport width, m 2,60  
Transport length, m 6,00 5,00
Loading height, m 4,50 4,20
Auger tube diameter, mm 430 400
Diameter of horizontal augers, mm 250 260
Tractor power (drive), hp. 90-120 90-120
Hose length, m 45, 60, 75, 90 45, 60, 75, 90

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