HF-125 series deep looseners

HF-125 series deep looseners break the plow sole, restore the capillary structure of the soil, level the field surface, crush and compact the soil.

They are versatile tillage units that incorporate two tillage functions.

Deep loosening:

The deep loosening function allows the cultivation of different soil types to a depth of up to 60 cm. This helps to improve soil structure and its ability to retain moisture.


Cultivation function including loosening, mixing the soil, reducing weed growth and leveling the field surface.

General principles of HF-125 series deep looseners:

  • Sturdy isosceles triangle shaped profile tube frame, which distributes the load evenly and reduces the load on the tractor during operation.
  • Adjustable front limit wheels that easily adjust the working depth and the level of the machine in relation to the field surface.
  • Powerful front tines provide deep soil cutting to a depth of up to 60 cm.
  • Chisel tips on the front tines for deeper tillage and moisture retention.
  • Second row of heavy stubble cultivator tines for loosening the soil to a depth of 5 to 27 cm and breaking up the topsoil.


Advantages of using HF-125 series deep loosening cultivators:

  • Mixing discs with rubber dampers for soil leveling, mulching and shredding crop residues.
  • High capacity (up to 65 ha/day).
  • Easy to set up and reliable design.
  • Combination of deep loosener and stubble cultivator for optimized work processes and fuel savings.
  • Optimize work processes and save resources on fuel use

With the HF-125 series deep loosener, you get a versatile tillage solution that maximizes yields and improves farming efficiency.


  HF-1253 HF-1257
Working width,m 2,2 4
Coupling trailed     trailer
Tractor power, hp 100 300
Number of working bodies,pcs        
1 row 3 7
2 row 4 6
Distance between stands in a row
1 row 62 58
2 row 62 58
Distance between posts, overlap, cm 31 29
Capacity, ha/h 1,2-2,4 2,4-3,2
Working speed, km/h 8-10
Type of protection of working tools shear bolt
Tooth type
1 row sword-shaped tooth with "Chisel" headstock
2 row stubble cultivator stand with flat-cutting tine
Working depth, cm
1 row до 60
2 row 10-27
Front support wheels - +
Productivity per day, ha 32 64
Fuel consumption, l 12-16

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