- The most productive reloading storage hopper


GEKON - short disc harrow

for efficient stubble cultivation


Rotary harrow

For perfect loosening - a range of modern machines from 3 to 18 meters wide. Effective aeration and weed control.


HF Agro Subsoil Ripper

Eliminate yield-robbing, root-zone compaction, increase soil porosity and utilize deeper soil moisture and nutrients


HF Agro - agricultural machinery for efficient farming

We design and manufacture many units for your farm: disc harrows, plows and subsoilers, rollers and cultivators, various harrows - disc, tooth, rotary and loop - for soil cultivation. Fertilizer spreaders and applicators - for plant protection and nutrition. Harvesters, trailers, packers and grain unloaders - for harvesting, transporting and preserving crops. And many many others.

HF Agro offers each farmer exclusive solutions - equipment adapted to work in local conditions, taking into account specific soil and climatic characteristics and to the exact needs of each farm. Implements that provide high productivity, low operating costs and excellent tillage.

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In addition to products of its own design and production, HF Agro cooperates with the world's best companies and acts as an official dealer and representative.

For example, HF Agro is the official representative of the German company LEHNER, a manufacturer of high-quality mini-seeders, and the Italian company MATERMACC, which specializes in projection and production of precision seeders.

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