Grain packers and unloaders HF Agro, are represented by a variety of models, with different technical parameters (For different polymer sleeves (5, 6, 9, 10 feet) and with capacity up to 600 t/h).

The basic principle of grain storage in polymer sleeves (bags) is to store grain hermetically, achieving the effect of automatic change of the internal environment of the sleeve.

The technology allows storing marketable grain for up to 1 year.

Grain loaders provide convenient filling of grain into polymer sleeves, and unloaders allow to mechanize the labor-intensive process of unloading of bulk fractions stored in polymer bags.



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HF Agro grain packers and unloaders

Dry grain loader in polymer sleeves

Grain loading machines are designed for packing forage into flexible three-layer polymer sleeves. Specially developed technology allows to tightly lay the flow of raw material through the hopper, the result of the conducted actions will be a fully hermetically sealed formed sleeve. The bag loading is designed to ensure that no voids or wrinkled areas can form.

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Grain unloaders from hoses

The main purpose of the machine for unloading grain from the hose is to mechanize the labor-intensive process of unloading bulk fractions, which are stored in polymer bags. It should be noted that the design features of this unit allow, minimize the loss of raw materials during the excavation.

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