The main tillage is continuous tillage (deep or not deep), carried out under a certain crop rotation and changing the density of the addition of the arable layer and mixing layers or horizons of the soil.

The main processing can consist of general methods, for example, plowing or deep loosening, and special ones - two- or three-tier processing, crevice, rolling, etc.

Plowing is a method of basic soil cultivation, which ensures that the layer of the cultivated layer is turned by at least 135 °, loosening and partial mixing of the soil, pruning of the underground part of plants, embedding of fertilizers and plant residues. Plowing modifies the topsoil structure, giving it a loose, lumpy texture.

Strengthening soil aeration during plowing increases the activity of soil microflora, part of the seeds, seedlings and vegetative organs of weeds move into the deep layers, losing germination or dying off.

For plowing, HF Agro offers

Reversible plow HF Agro for all soils

Reversible plow HF Agro for unclogged soils


Subsurface tillage is a method of basic tillage, which consists in loosening the soil without wrapping it. It is widely used in conditions of insufficient moisture and in the treatment of soils prone to wind erosion. Moldless tillage allows you to cut weeds and loosen the soil, leaving up to 50% (and more) stubble on the surface of the field, which traps snow, reduces the wind speed in the surface layer by 1.5-2 times.

The depth of freezing of soils treated with moldboard tools is less, which contributes to its earlier thawing in spring. Melt waters are better absorbed by the soil, their runoff decreases, and the water reserves in the soil increase by 1.5-2 times compared to dumping.

Chisel ploughs

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