Harrows with spring tooth HF-261x series

Tooth harrows HF-261x series (with spring tooth) have proved themselves by many years of reliable operation both in Ukraine and abroad.

These are universal, multipurpose units that allow to minimize the use of herbicides and are unofficially called "mechanical herbicides"

They are characterized by simplicity, high reliability and inexpensive in operation. 

The HF-261x series harrows are characterized by high productivity and allow to cultivate more area than harrows of other manufacturers in the same time. Thus, these harrows cultivate 300 hectares per day with minimum fuel consumption (up to 2 liters per hectare)

These harrows - light, unpretentious and productive - are indispensable helpers in every farm when using any type of agro-technologies. 

The main types of cultivation, which can be carried out with the help of harrows with spring tooth:

  • closing the moisture in the soil in early spring;
  • harrowing of fallows and seedlings to kill weeds at early stages of development (so-called "white thread");
  • pre-sowing loosening (to break the crust and improve soil aeration) and soil leveling;
  • application and incorporation of mineral fertilizers.

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