HF Argo field rollers - perfect consolidation!

HF Agro field rollers are designed for reconsolidation of soil before and after sowing.

Compaction of the soil with the help of HF Agro rollers retains moisture in the seedbed area, prevents soil erosion, provokes sprouting and weed seeds, and destroys slugs.

The HF Agro roller segments (together with freely moving intermediate discs) are independently mounted in supports. This ensures self-cleaning and a firm contact with the soil over the entire working width.

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HF Argo field rollers

The heavy HF Agro rollers with working widths from 4.5 to 15.4 m ensure ground contour following by means of articulated joints.

Thanks to the heavy frame and the 500 mm diameter cast iron roller, the HFargo rollers prepare the soil in the best possible way before sowing.

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HF-245 Series Chopping Rollers

Our HF-245 Series chopping rollers are an innovative solution for post-harvest tillage of sunflowers, corn and other stubble. This hydraulically powered machine not only perfectly chops and shreds crop residues, but also performs a number of other important tasks, making your field ready for the new farming season.

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HF-246 Series Heavy Duty Chopping Rollers

Heavy roller of HF-246 series is a chopping and cutting, water-filled, hydroficated roller perfectly performs shredding of crop residues after sunflower, corn, stubble, leveling and partial mulching of the field surface.

The machine performs shredding of crop residues and partial mulching of soil, delays evaporation of moisture, regulates the temperature of the surface layer, restrains the growth of weeds, protects against weathering, enriches the soil with organic matter.

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HF-243 series toothed ring roller

The roller of HF-243 series is designed for: soil compaction with simultaneous crushing of clods and partial leveling of the field surface; pre-sowing and post-sowing rolling of soil; destruction of soil crust; compaction to a depth of 7-10 cm of the surface layer of soil with simultaneous loosening of the soil to a depth of 4 cm.

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