The HF Agro Liquid Fertilizer Applicator is an innovative product that precisely introduces fertilizers directly to the seedbed or any other area you need, according to your technology.

The HF Agro applicator can be installed:

  • on seeders for applying liquid fertilizers or bacterial formulations simultaneously with sowing;

  • on inter-row cultivators for plant nutrition simultaneously with mechanical weed control.


The HF Agro Applicator can be easily mounted on both cultivators and seed drills, regardless of the implement manufacturer. The installation of the fertilizer tank is carried out on the frame of the implement without welding.



Installation of applicators on 8, 12, 16 and 24 row-crop drills, grain seeders with working width up to 6m, as well as any inter-row cultivators.

  • Easy installation on the unit without any welding.
  • The volume of the applicator tank is from 500 to 3000 L.
  • Feed lines with the introduction of working fluid can be laid (by agreement with the client) under the tine, into the Keeton, into the opener, etc.).
  • Option: Control of each section with indication on the monitor in the tractor cab
  • Option: Automatic maintenance of the preset outflow rate regardless of the tractor speed (using the built-in GPS sensor)
  • Option: Doubling the application rate with automatic maintenance of the preset overflow rate regardless of the tractor speed.


Installation of the fertilizer tank is carried out on the frame of the implement without welding.
All units and parts of the equipment are made of materials resistant to aggressive liquids.

The system includes a tank, all wiring and fluid supply system, as well as a flow control system.





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