Rotary harrow HF Argo

Intended for harrowing field crops (grain, cultivated, technical) after plants shooting with the purpose of:

  • surface loosening and soil aeration

  • destroying of weed shoots in the thread stage

Also loosening promotes an even distribution of oxygen and moister in the soil, which helps to the plant's strengthening and growth and it's further resistance to drought.

The unit effectively and evenly loosens the soil without damaging plants. The implement is well equipped both for solid and inter-row cultivation, it has a high frame passage, which allows to cultivate the soil, even with the plants shooting.


  • Row spacing adjustable from 10 cm
  • The unit is available with a working width of 3 to 18 meters
  • Aggregated with tractors from 30 hp
  • 3 in 1 versatility- it is possible to disconnect half of the wing and get two 6-meters long harrows, if desired or as needed (field topograghy, etc.). Each half-wing is equipped with a hitch system.



The unit is designed according to a spring-loaded swinging lever's scheme. The flexibility of the lever is provided by a spring that puts pressure on the soil by two gear wheels, which are located on this lever and while rotating they create the effect of an explosion that loosens the soil without damaging the plant.


Operating component (rack with disc) is used for grain cultivation, loosening, and soil aeration, elimination of weeds, favorable influence on the crop development.

Tension spring - not compression, which eliminates the fracture. The tension spring has a tension bolt, which used to adjust the rack running, makes it more rigid or mild.

The discs are placed on the rocker, which allows to accurately copy the field unevennesses, thus increasing tillage efficiency.

The rack is made of a pipe 40х40х4.


Disc with tines loosens the soil, thus preventing late grain germination. Also loosening promotes an even distribution of oxygen and moister in the soil, which helps to the plant's strengthening and growth and it's further resistance to drought.

Fifteen tines on the disc are fastened with 2 bolts that pass through the disc which make possible quickly replacement of the tine but not the entire disc. In the place of tine mounting, the disc is bent at an angle of 45º, which prevents displacement of the tine in different directions and makes it possible to use the unit in different conditions and soils.


The tine has a shape of a spike, flattened and pointed at the end and bent at an angle what allows to enter the soil at the 90º angle and scroll living the soil to create «a micro explosion» effect, thus it completely destroys the crust and pulls out weeds in the thread stage.



  HF-23103 HF-23104 HF-23106 HF-23109 HF-23112 HF-23114 HF-23118
Working width, m 3 4 6 9 12 14 18
Productivity, ha/h до 3,1 до 4,4 до 9 до 9,6  до 18 до 21 до 27
Working speed, km/h до 15 до 15 до 15 до 15 до 20 до 20 до 20
Working depth, mm 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50 30-50
The number of operating components, pcs 28 40 60 86 118 138 178
The diameter of operating components, mm 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
Weight of construction, kg 510 680 1350 2000 до 3900 до 4500 до 5900
Aggregates with tractors MIN, h.p. 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
Dimensions in working position, to length x width x height, mm 1800 х 3000 х 1200 1800 х 4000 х 1200 1800 х 6000 х 1200 1800 х 9000 х 1200 8800 х 12200 х 1200 8800 х 14200 х 1200 11000 х 18200 х 1200
Dimensions in the transport position, tо length x width x height, mm 2000 х 3000 х 1200 2000 х 4000 х 1200 2000 х 3000 х 2700 2000 х 4400 х 4100 8100 х 3600 х 2450 8100 х 3600 х 2450 10300 х 3600 х 2450




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